ClickView Software

A simple and complete solution for watching digital video and other digital media within a school. The ClickView player and library manager work together to provide a complete and simple managed media platform.

ClickView Player

ClickView Player allows teachers and students to watch videos in the classroom without the need of AV equipment, DVDs or tapes. They can easily control the video playback and learn at a pace that suits them best. ClickView Player can also access images, podcasts, audio files, PowerPoint presentations and resources such as work sheets and teacher guides.

ClickView Library Manager

In order to manage all the digital content, ClickView Library Manager gives your Librarian or AV Staff complete control of your resources. This software allows you to manage, customise and monitor use of all the digital resources within the school. Along with managing your videos, ClickView Library Manager contains many useful tools to help you add a variety of digital media into your ClickView library.

ClickView Features

Digital Video Recorder

ClickView Library Manager supports video editing. This means you can add your own video content your ClickView library. The ClickView DVR has editing software that allows you to easily remove unwanted footage from your video.

Export to PowerPoint

Demonstrate your point visually by adding video snippets to PowerPoint presentations and Word docs. Simply right click on the chapter title of the video you want to use, select the 'Export to PowerPoint' option and select your start and end points - it's easy.


Any video or resource in your ClickView library can be saved onto a USB drive and taken home by students. Teachers can assign homework using the Lesson Manager and students then save the lesson and take it home to complete. Students access the lesson using ClickView Player

Usage Report

The Usage Report is able to give you detailed and specific information about the use of content in your ClickView library. Teachers and librarians can monitor what students are accessing to make sure that assignments and homework are being done

ClickView Library

The ClickView library is housed on a single computer server within the institution and can be accessed by any other computer on the school's network. The library can consist of the schools own resources, or subscribed resources such as from the ClickView Digital Video Library or Distribution Access digital titles.

LMS Integration

ClickView integrates with most web based Learning Management Systems (LMSs), allowing the use of digital video in educational institution websites for off campus access to your ClickView library.